Chesuncook Village, Maine
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Chesuncook Village, Maine
Chesuncook village, Maine
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West Branch of the Penobscot River
Public boat launch
The 'Suncooker   The Chesuncook Village Home Website
Smith Rock
Picnic site
A Birds Eye View of Chesuncook
Cesuncook Village, Maine
1ME Float Plane Base
Come Visit Us! Chesuncook Map  From Greenville or Millinocket, follow the Golden road to mile
mark 50 and take a right onto Pine Stream road which leads into the Village (around 14 miles). Just follow the road
or use your GPS. There are several  public boat landings/launch sites as well as picnic sites with great views of Mt
Katahdin within the Village to which you can drive. If you've forgotten anything or would like to rent a boat or
canoe, have a meal, snacks, home made sodas and root beer floats, then do stop in at the Lake House and Store! Or
just stop in to see this
HISTORIC 1864 Inn.     Please call ahead for dinner reservations, as a heads up. Thanks!  
~ Chesuncook Lake ~

February 11, 2014
Was published by the
Social Service Division's
"Spruce Woods
Department" of the Great
Northern Paper Company
or GNPCO. It debuted
April, 1921 as a  magazine
within the logging
industry of the North
Maine Woods and ran
until October, 1928. The
monthly publications were
dedicated as "A Magazine
of contact between the
management and the
Thoreau visited
Chesuncook village the
summer of 1853 while on
a trek through the 'Maine
Woods' which became the
title for his book. Click
on photo to read the
chapter titled

Chesuncook Village, Maine

Old Time
In & around
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Chesuncook Village, Maine
C  V  H  P  A
Chesuncook Farm
Chesuncook? What does it mean? The Goose Place
Abenaki (or Abnaki) is the origin language of the word Chesuncook. The Abenaki people inhabited eastern
Maine to southern Quebec.
Chesunk = "Goose"
Auke (ook) = "Place"
What's in a Name?
Chesunk or Schunk being the sound made by a wild goose. 'Chesuncook" was named by Abenaki people
long ago for the seasonal gathering of geese at the lake, not a reference to any settlement. The 'village' was
named after the lake by Americans who settled here in the logging business more recently in the early
1800's. The wild geese still pass through in Spring and Autumn. Never in summer or winter. As the narrow
lake is about 18 miles long, which end of the lake the name originally referred to is anyone's guess. Prior to  
construction of the dam the lake was more of a wide river. As the Abenaki language varied depending on
regions so did some of the meanings of its words.
And another explanation:  In Henry David Thoreau's 'The Maine Woods', the chapter titled 'Chesuncook"
offers another explanation. In reference to a discussion amongst Abenaki Indians, Thoreau quoted: "They
never analyzed these words before. After long deliberation and repeating of the word, for it gave them much
trouble, Tahmut  (an Abenaki) said that Chesuncook meant a place where many streams emptied in (?), and
he enumerated them, - Penobscot, Umbazookskus, Cusabesex, Red Brook, Caucomgomoc,-"
Again the
reference is made to the waters, not the land. Take your pick, there are more where these came from.
Caucomgomoc Mt
Allagash Mt
Brandy Pond
Visit our fully stocked Store! We're located
by the cove in the heart of Chesuncook.
Since 1864
Eagle Lake just north of Chesuncook is
a winter destination to see the old
trains. It's easier to go see them by
snowmobile as it's not so easy a hike
come summer. All winter long visitors
come to Chesuncook Village as a stop
over for fuel & lunch and then off to
"The Trains"! A must see.
Click here to see some of the old photos.
C  H  E  S  U  N  C  O  O  K
Village Store at the Lake House
UP or Down???
As Chesuncook is a dammed lake
we're constantly asked whether
the lake is going up or down.

If you ask I'll gladly look out my
window and let you know.

At the moment it's going down
from it's high as it usually does
come winter.

As of January 1 it's holding high.
Welcome to Chesuncook Village, Maine!   Population: 6
We're a remote settlement living off grid within the unorganized township T5R13 in Maine's North Woods
This is the heart of Maine's logging country and we're it's "downtown". The '
Suncooker is a non-profit
publication sharing the unique character of Chesuncook Village's past & present.
We're hosted & published in Chesuncook Village, Maine.

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by the Chesuncook
Village Historical
Chesuncook Village, Maine
Come on up any which way you can and share Winter fun in Chesuncook
Village. Snowmobile trails are beautifully groomed into Chesuncook for
your riding pleasure! If you enjoy cross country skiing or snowshoeing,
we'll get you into the Lake House from the Golden road so you can enjoy
your back country adventures on miles of trails.
We're open
for Winter!
Join us on Villagefacebook
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Snowmobiling, Weather conditions,
Food, Fuel, Lodging & much more!
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